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World Trade Center Responders get Free Medical Treatment! - (6/8/2011)

Local 696 has been advised that FREE medical treatment and medication may be available for World Trade Center first responders who participated in the rescue, recovery and cleanup at the World Trade Center site or the surrounding area after the 9/11 attacks. This service is provided through the WTC Monitoring and Treatment Program.

There are no copayments or deductible for treatment of illnesses or conditions like asthma, rhinosinustis, acid reflux, etc related to WTC service. Clinics are located in Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Long Island and New Jersey.

To be eligible for this free treatment or medication, members must be enrolled in the program. For more information you may call Reggie Pabon at 212-241-9702 or by email at reinaldo.pabon@mssm.edu. OR, call the hall, we will have brouchures etc from the WTC Monitoring and Treatment Program available for you.

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