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Benefits Office

Local 696 Benefits Office was created to manage the benefits for our members and their families. These benefits long included a health plan, a Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

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Training Center

We understand the importance of having trained quality crafts people inspecting, testing, and maintaining your fire protection systems and New Jersey trains more and better quality fire sprinkler fitters.

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Members Only

Please log in to access the Members Only sections. If you do not have a UA Card Number please contact the UA Local 696 Union Office and they will provide you with your temporary password. Thank you.

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Welcome to Sprinkler Fitters 696


At the United Association of Sprinkler Fitters, Local 696, we're responsible for protecting businesses, schools, homes, and, more importantly, precious lives, from the devastation of fire. It's no wonder we take our jobs so seriously.

Too many cut corners by not installing reliable automatic sprinkler systems. In the event of a fire, these shortcuts can lead to immeasurable damage. Statistics show that buildings with proper fire protection systems suffer twenty-four percent less damage and fire loss than unsprinklered properties.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, from 1983 to 1987, damage from hotel fires was seventy-eight percent less in building with sprinkler systems than those without. What's more, the water damage from automatic sprinkler systems is considerably less than from a fire department's hose stream because sprinkler systems require a minimal amount of water to operate. Oftentimes, a fire is brought under control by only three sprinkler heads, sometimes even fewer.

With so much riding on the skills of our Sprinkler Fitters, it is critical that our journeymen receive the best training available. In addition to a rigorous apprenticeship program, many UA Sprinkler Fitters choose to expand their skills by voluntarily participating in advanced training programs. Some even go on to become instructors through the United Association International Instructor Training Program.

The members of Sprinkler Fitters Local 696 are committed to providing quality installation, service and repair to the piping and fixtures used in sprinkler systems. They know that when human lives are at stake, there is no room for error and there might not be a second chance to get it done right. That's why the Sprinkler Fitters of Local 696 do the job right, the first time, every time.

Pipe Wrenches

Training News and Information

No other organization serves the training needs of the Sprinkler Fitting industry like the United Association.

For over a century, the UA has been training the most highly-qualified workers in the United States and Canada.

Over the past several decades, the United Association's training programs have produced a stable, skilled workforce responsible for building and maintaining piping systems in the various industrial, commercial and residential facilities that make up the North American landscape.

696 Leadership

The driving force behind Sprinkler Fitters 696. Our Management are among the best trained in the world. We develop effective, knowledgeable, and strategic-minded leaders who will carry out their responsibilities guided by clear ethical standards, and transcendent labor values such as fairness, dignity, equality, safety, and health.