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Local 696 Attends Labor Rally - (8/24/2012)

On Saturday August 11, 2012 Local 696 members took part in an important rally, Workers Stand for America, in Eakins Oval in Philadelphia.  Local 696 members stood in solidarity with Local 692, other UA Locals and 44,000 other members of unions from many walks of life to send a message to political leaders and candidates that it is time that the middle class is heard, that the Economic Recovery has not reached the working class people!

The leadership of Local 696 is grateful to all the members that took the time to attend this rally, your support is acknowledged and appreciated.

Pictured in this photo are:  696 Business Manager, Kevin Bellew, UA Executive Vice President, Rick Terven, 692 Business Manager, Wayne Miller and UA International Representive Brad Karbowsky.  The photo gallery also contains a photo 696 members standing in solidarity behind our Local 696 banner.

Click Here to see more pictures from the event.

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